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Failure is a perception; we define our own end state. We all will be well served to remember that a single defeat or a series of defeats is not a lost cause.


There isn’t any medication that exists that is able to confer the same health benefits that regular meditation and exercise are able to offer. The key, however, lies in the word “regular.” This is why when one meditates it’s called practicing – meditation isn’t supposed to be something you do once, or even once in a while; it’s supposed to be a consistent practice.

Regardless of which type of meditation you choose to try, I sincerely encourage you to try something if you haven’t already. There are clearly many benefits and exactly zero disadvantages to trying it unless your free time would be better spent doing something else that will make you a better person and improve your quality of life.

How can smartphone use affect your health?

In the past few years, technology, such as smartphones, has progressively increased worldwide.  Everyday tasks are now completed by downloading an app and hitting a few buttons; however, smartphone users fail to recognize that using smartphones can have negative consequences on our health.  Recent research has shown that smartphone posture can cause injury and pain in the shoulders, neck, and thumbs with the severity of symptoms increasing with increased smartphone usage.  Extended smartphone usage can cause forward neck posture, slouched posture, or rounded shoulders.  Sustaining faulty posture in the neck and shoulders can cause injury to the cervical spine and disrupts the proper biomechanics in the shoulder joint, respectively.
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After a few years I decided to quit listening to all these self-styled experts, because I came to an inconvenient truth… there is no such thing as a balanced life. There are many choices, and of those choices is deciding where and how to allocate our time. The real key isn’t managing our time to accomplish everything, it’s learning how to spend time on what matters.

Running through it is one of the best ways to see the world. Almost no other endeavor provides the ground-level engagement, scenic beauty and sense of immersion in nature and the natural world as running, which is why running-based fitness adventures are fast becoming one of the more popular ways to vacation. More than ever, runners are flying around the world to run marathons, weekend-long team relays and obstacle races.

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A Johns Hopkins expert referred to the gut as a second brain hidden within the walls of the digestive system. The gastrointestinal tract is lined with over 100 million nerve cells, and scientists have given it the name “the enteric nervous system”. These nerves, neurons and neurotransmitters found in the gut and brain communicate back and forth.An example of the brain and emotions affecting the gut is irritable bowel syndrome, characterized by hyperactivity of the nerves in the enteric nervous system that can be triggered by emotional shifts.

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With the growing popularity of UFC, and consequently Mixed Martial Arts, and the U.S. Military’s focus on ground combatives as a hand to hand fighting solution, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has become one of the most popular combat sport systems in the United States today.

Finding a training home can be a challenge, but armed with the right mindset for training you will be able to find a facility and professor that can aid you in your journey.

I used to run too fast. My bi-weekly jog always—always—escalated into a Forrest-Gump-like pace. A weekly day or two of long-distance, low-intensity cardio work can not only improve your recovery and heart health, it can also take time off your faster runs and improve your lifts.

Bone broth might seem like a fairly new healthy buzz, but it’s actually a concept that has been around for hundreds of years. From indigenous cultures to classic French cuisine- bone broth is nothing new. However, recently it has stepped into the spotlight- and with good reason!

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Beef and Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs 

This breakfast is worth the work. If you don’t have a cast iron skillet, don’t worry. You can make adjustments and make this in a regular skillet on the stovetop.
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Ranger School is more a selection than a "school". Not many people can list the tangible things they learned there and as many will tell you there isn't much "Ranger" stuff that goes on. You go to get your tab, it's a gate, one of the many herd thinning systems in place to set the special apart from the not so special...or in some cases the lucky from the unlucky. Here are what I think are the keys to success.