Doug K.
Green Beret

I spent years pushing myself to perform in the SOF community, but I didn’t discover my best performance until I started SOFLETE programming. Now, I’m all around better...

Nolan B.

I started doing SOFLETE programming probably 2015 - I started incorporating rest, recovery and a lot of different practices rather than just banging weights. I'm a lot more durable...

Mike C.
Police Officer

[SOFLETE] is simple and spelled out... it got the fire going. This is a 25-30 year career - you have to have longevity. You can't just look good with your shirt off, you need to be able to endure.

Knowledge Is Power

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FitnessSleep is not a crutch.

Sleep is not a crutch.

The impact of the plane touching down jarred me awake from my sleep. “Great,” I thought as I looked out the window into the darkness. I was on the other side of the world, again, and had slept thro...

NutritionWhey Protein- What is the best?

Whey Protein- What is the best?

Whey is a great way to SUPPLEMENT your protein intake- but it's not meant to entirely replace real food. For many people time is a factor- not everyone has time to cook up half a dozen eggs after t...

The Right Boots Won't Save You From Weak Feet

The Right Boots Won't Save You From Weak Feet

We're living in an age where corporations spend billions to convince us that the solution to every foot problem is a shoe –enough cushion to coddle a baby elephant. But in this wild, raucous rodeo ...