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    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER — Interesting Reads

    Running In Pursuit Of Being A Better Man

    Life has taught me that there are always those members of a population that can’t follow simple rules. Here’s where our extra thirty pounds, five inches, and fifty percent more physical strength can actually be of benefit. When you observe a woman enduring that sort of thing, step up and tell the source to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. And if she doesn’t want to engage with you, even after your chivalrous act, you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS too. This is simply behaving like decent humans. It’s easy. It’s what we owe the women in our lives and it’s how we become better as men and a species.

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    Long Range 101: How To Choose The Right Scope

    Choosing an optic to put on your rifle can be one of the most frustrating experiences new shooters go through. There are about a million choices on the market and most shooters really do not know whether they have a good or a bad one. In the end, you will see a lot of shooters justifying a scope they own based almost solely on price and not the utility of purpose.

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    Former Ranger Explains Why 25m Targets Are the Cornerstone Of Success

    Give your goals a face, something that once achieved, it can be recognized. This process is simple, yet methodical, calculated and systematic, like a well-run science experiment or clinical research. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear a lab coat, but you do need to be enthusiastic, disciplined, dedicated and probably a little creative. 

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