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So you got it in mind to buy a long-range rifle.  You’ve done all the research on parts and manufacturers, took the time to look up the new hotness on glass, even went and got the budget committee involved and got cleared hot for up to a few thousand dollars. You know what action you’re going to buy, who the barrel maker will be, picked out a stock, trigger and all the accessories. All that’s left is the million dollar question; what caliber to get it chambered in?

  • 6 min read

Choosing an optic to put on your rifle can be one of the most frustrating experiences new shooters go through. There are about a million choices on the market and most shooters really do not know whether they have a good or a bad one. In the end, you will see a lot of shooters justifying a scope they own based almost solely on price and not the utility of purpose.

  • 7 min read

We are huge advocates of dry fire at SOFLETE. If you didn't know, we have anentire program designed around daily dry fire and weekly range work. A lot of the time we get clients that need a little basic explanation to get started. SOFLETE homie, Travis Denman does a great job breaking down his dry fire practice setup in this video. 

Going on a hunt and trying to figure out the best rifle to take? Brent, Brian, Aron, and Nick discuss what you should look for in a rifle, which caliber to choose, and which optics to pick.
  • 1 min read

Zeroing is the process by which we establish a baseline point of impact for the weapon system from which we will make adjustments. It is rather straightforward but can be quite frustrating to those who are new or have a poor understanding of the theory behind it.

What we are trying to do is create a single, repeatable scope setting (windage and elevation clicks) that produces as close an impact to the center of the crosshairs as possible at a known distance. This is then followed by setting your scope’s turret markings to “0.0” (zero) for both windage and elevation, hence where the term comes from.

Let’s go over the process, and then discuss a few ideas about it.

  • 8 min read

Introducing the SOFLETE Shooting Program.

The First Ever Continuous Firearms Training Program

The SOFLETE Shooting Team is the result of a collaboration between individuals who have spent decades living by the gun and competing with guns. It is a living program, constantly evolving to reflect the best current operational and competitive tactics, techniques, and procedures.
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