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So you got it in mind to buy a long-range rifle.  You’ve done all the research on parts and manufacturers, took the time to look up the new hotness on glass, even went and got the budget committee involved and got cleared hot for up to a few thousand dollars. You know what action you’re going to buy, who the barrel maker will be, picked out a stock, trigger and all the accessories. All that’s left is the million dollar question; what caliber to get it chambered in?

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People hate front squatting for a variety of reasons. We have a three part series we are releasing that explains how to perform the lift, ways to improve your ability to perform the lift, and why this lift is important to you as a functional athlete. This is Part 1. 
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So you want to get stronger for climbing, to build enough strength to hang from a boulder’s face? Well, contrary to what you might be thinking, strength training isn’t what you need. Climbing is. 

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Learning how to develop "active shoulders" will greatly improve your quality of training and life. Check out this video from the the HQ vault! 
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Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a long and difficult task. Cooking can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.
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Failure is a perception; we define our own end state. We all will be well served to remember that a single defeat or a series of defeats is not a lost cause.


If you’re in Jacksonville, Fayetteville or even up around the beltway in DC, mountains can be tough to find. But no matter where you are in North Carolina or Virginia, you’re never that far from a good multi-day hike. All you need is a weekend, a ruck and a plan to get your ass up the side of a mountain.

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There isn’t any medication that exists that is able to confer the same health benefits that regular meditation and exercise are able to offer. The key, however, lies in the word “regular.” This is why when one meditates it’s called practicing – meditation isn’t supposed to be something you do once, or even once in a while; it’s supposed to be a consistent practice.

Regardless of which type of meditation you choose to try, I sincerely encourage you to try something if you haven’t already. There are clearly many benefits and exactly zero disadvantages to trying it unless your free time would be better spent doing something else that will make you a better person and improve your quality of life.

How can smartphone use affect your health?

In the past few years, technology, such as smartphones, has progressively increased worldwide.  Everyday tasks are now completed by downloading an app and hitting a few buttons; however, smartphone users fail to recognize that using smartphones can have negative consequences on our health.  Recent research has shown that smartphone posture can cause injury and pain in the shoulders, neck, and thumbs with the severity of symptoms increasing with increased smartphone usage.  Extended smartphone usage can cause forward neck posture, slouched posture, or rounded shoulders.  Sustaining faulty posture in the neck and shoulders can cause injury to the cervical spine and disrupts the proper biomechanics in the shoulder joint, respectively.
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