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  • 8 min read

Life is fear whether anyone wants to admit or not. What matters is what you choose to do with it. You can let it win and give up to its dark wish to own you and cause you to fail, or you can move forward in the knowledge that you are unstoppable.

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  • 8 min read

Fasting diets have been lingering around as fad diet trend for some time now. 

  • 4 min read

A building body of evidence is indicating that carbohydrate restriction can be a viable treatment for certain cancers. Restricting carbohydrates can slow or stop tumor growth, enhancing the treatment for cancer patients and even extending their survival. Benefits for the treatment of cancer are shown when carbohydrates are restricted to 20% of total calories or less. Most of the research is using the ketogenic diet, which restricts carbohydrates to 10% or less of total calories. More research is needed on if carbohydrate restricted diets with also work for cancer prevention.

  • 4 min read


Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot problems causing pain on the sole of the foot near the heel. This condition alone results in approximately two million visits to both foot specialist and primary care physicians each year. The condition is caused by inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the heel to the toes.

  • 2 min read

Everyone talks about how hard completing Navy SEAL training is, but nobody talks about the one thing that’s harder – failing it.

  • 6 min read

I'm sitting in an undisclosed location in the desert. I have a lot of time to think. We get a lot of emails asking what program is best for an individual. Those questions made me realize that a lot of people don't actually know why they are going through the motions of working out. Jamming out to some Steve Earle and on my third cup of Turkish coffee, you guys are about to get another window into my furiously spinning ADD brain. Today I'm going to explain the most important thing you can possibly identify in your training:  The reasons behind your striving. 


Guess what? These habits are free and easy so there are no excuses.
  • 8 min read