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Introducing the SOFLETE Shooting Program.

The First Ever Continuous Firearms Training Program

The SOFLETE Shooting Team is the result of a collaboration between individuals who have spent decades living by the gun and competing with guns. It is a living program, constantly evolving to reflect the best current operational and competitive tactics, techniques, and procedures.
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You're walking out of your doctor's office. In your mind you keep replaying the part of conversation where you were just told that you have 3 weeks left to live.

Stop and ask yourself these questions. Take your time. We'll wait.

Who do you call? Where do you go? How do you choose to spend your time?

The SOFLETE life is real.  We live it daily and are constantly pushing the limits of our own capabilities.  That standard of performance is accompanied by risk, we we gladly embrace, because the reward of pushing past limitations is so great.  Often, our efforts are successful. But sometimes we fail, and sometimes we get thrashed. Hard. That’s what this series of articles will address.  Topic numero uno: Concussion/Traumatic brain injury (TBI). 

If you’re reading this, chances are half the people in your life (including yourself) have gotten rapped hard on the head from an IED blast, thrown off a dirtbike, walked drunkenly into a pole, or have faced off against the biggest guy in the platoon with a pugil stick.  In addition, if you really are embracing the Die Living lifestyle, you’re pretty much always at risk of a blow to the head on any given day.  We’ve all been knocked the fuck out at some point. And yes, the horror stories of what it can do to your brain and the side effects are out there. 

So lets start with the front line of what we can do to help ourselves since we know the VA will take 12 years to give us Motrin. There is research coming out about over the counter supplements.  It’s promising.  Here’s the rundown.

The mission of the Ranger Regiment changed dramatically during my time there. Each change was accompanied by different tactical and physical requirements. Despite these changes, the basic physical fitness foundation was never lost. That foundation is arguably what brought the Regiment to where it stands today. My own physical preparedness mirrored this constant progression, grounded firmly in a mastery of the basics. I will admit that I was never the best at anything when it came to PT. I walked among Giants - guys that played NCAA Division I or professional sports were not an oddity in the Ranger Battalion. But what I lacked in extraordinary fitness I made up for in two areas: consistency and grit. 

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Everything you know about tactical fitness is wrong. For the majority of the coaches and trainers reading this, this is true.  There are a few guys in the game doing things the right way, and those that are seem to exist in the shadows. Outcasts from the community of bodyweight ninjas and kettle bell aficionados, there is a group of guys who are implementing sprinting, heavy lifting, and stamina based training.

Let's get this clarification out of the way. There is a fundamental difference between stamina and endurance. Endurance is defined as “the ability to continue or last, especially despite fatigue.” It is the ability to put one foot in front of the other, and there is no doubt that endurance certainly has its place in some circles. This is extremely apparent in any form of SOF Selection. 

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