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“It’s not enough that I succeed. You must also fail.”

Thinking like this is a massive waste of time and energy. Don’t succumb to this fool’s errand. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

Conan didn’t have to spend time thinking about making himself better, since he was already the most jacked, badass Barbarian on the planet. He could focus all of his energy on crushing his enemies, seeing them driven before him, and hearing the lamentation of their women. 

You are not Conan.

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A sneeze. A physical phenomenon experienced by almost everyone on the planet. I’d been sitting on my couch opening gifts and sneezed. I felt something in my lower back pop and that was it. I had to walk hunched over like an invalid and the next two days were spent laying on the couch reading books and watching Netflix. I couldn’t sleep, I could barely tolerate sitting on the toilet. I was miserable. And it only got worse. I felt like a slug. My emotions ran the gamut of self-loathing and self-pity, to regret and determination. I had done this to myself and the piper has come to collect.

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In 2007, Michael Scheuer wrote the seminal book, "Through Our Enemie's Eyes." A decade later, thoughtful military leaders with notches on their gun stocks are pretty certain that we are making the same mistake all over again.

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While limited in technological functions, the core automatic movements of mechanical watches are built to function in VERY adverse situations. They never run out of batteries because they have none. High quality movements withstand electromagnetic interference, shock from explosive blasts, and impacts much better than circuit boards. When initiating a time fuse on a demolition charge, I want to know my watch won’t die while I wait for the explosion.

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