Ranger School Advice From The Saltiest Ranger Since Roger Ranged
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Ranger School Advice From The Saltiest Ranger Since Roger Ranged

Ranger School is more a selection than a "school". Not many people can list the tangible things they learned there and as many will tell you there isn't much "Ranger" stuff that goes on. You go to...

Die LivingLong Range 101: Basic Fundamentals of Marksmanship With a Scoped Rifle
Die LivingDoes Bigger = Stronger? Not Usually

Does Bigger = Stronger? Not Usually

Americans vision of strength and fitness shifted in the late 1970s. When guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno began appearing in films and on television, what we thought about strength...

Die LivingVoodoo flossing the shoulder with Chris VB

Voodoo flossing the shoulder with Chris VB

One really helpful tool in maintaining pain free range of motion is "Voodoo flossing", here Chris VB goes through a quick how to on using this technique for your shoulders. 

Die Living5 Recovery Protocols from SFLTHQ

5 Recovery Protocols from SFLTHQ

Lately I have been able to work on and develop my recovery protocols. They’ve become a huge part and success factor in not just my training but my overall life, providing emotional and even menta...

Die LivingWhy Choose an RDN?

Why Choose an RDN?

In a world full of nutritionist bloggers, Instagram health experts, and a booming weight loss industry estimated to be worth over $60 billion, why are Americans more obese they have ever been? Wh...