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Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot problems causing pain on the sole of the foot near the heel. This condition alone results in approximately two million visits to both foot specialist and primary care physicians each year. The condition is caused by inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the heel to the toes.

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Over the past few decades, the world has evolved to understand the myriad of benefits of an active lifestyle. With each passing year, more and more people look to start some kind of fitness journey in an effort to live a better, longer, and healthier life.  

The average person spends 12 hours per day sitting. Most people do not notice how often they sit throughout the day because we sit when we sit constantly for short amounts of time that tend to add up: while traveling, eating, working, studying, relaxing, reading, or waiting. Our posture when sitting can have major consequences on our backs if we don’t make a conscious effort to sit right.

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How can smartphone use affect your health?

In the past few years, technology, such as smartphones, has progressively increased worldwide.  Everyday tasks are now completed by downloading an app and hitting a few buttons; however, smartphone users fail to recognize that using smartphones can have negative consequences on our health.  Recent research has shown that smartphone posture can cause injury and pain in the shoulders, neck, and thumbs with the severity of symptoms increasing with increased smartphone usage.  Extended smartphone usage can cause forward neck posture, slouched posture, or rounded shoulders.  Sustaining faulty posture in the neck and shoulders can cause injury to the cervical spine and disrupts the proper biomechanics in the shoulder joint, respectively.
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With the growing popularity of UFC, and consequently Mixed Martial Arts, and the U.S. Military’s focus on ground combatives as a hand to hand fighting solution, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has become one of the most popular combat sport systems in the United States today.

Finding a training home can be a challenge, but armed with the right mindset for training you will be able to find a facility and professor that can aid you in your journey.

A large percentage of humans have lower back pain due to a number of different reasons. Most look to get the back fixed or stretch out the hip flexors to help loosen up the lower back and relieve pain.

Well guess what? You're doing it all wrong. See, our body is full of systems that keeps us in-sync. When one system is weak and not used much, the other systems have to work harder to create compensation, which leads to the pain you feel as a result of that.

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Working unilateral lifts into your warmups is a great way to activate specific muscle groups more effectively, Chris shows you how to better utilize the half kneeling overhead kettlebell squat in this week's mobility tip.

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As athletes who push ourselves, we all know what it feels like to be out of breath. Bent over, hands on knees, gasping for air, trying not to choke on the sweat and snot dripping down our faces…

There’s so much more to being out of breath than just the overwhelming feeling that Death is trying to start a casual conversation with you. Breathlessness, also called dyspnea (pronounced: dispnia) for my fellow nerds out there, is a complex set of symptoms that can be broken down into three dimensions: work/effort of breathing, air hunger, and chest tightness. Breathlessness as a whole has both sensory and affective components. The sensory component of breathlessness refers to how you would characterize the intensity of what you’re feeling, and the affective component refers to how you would characterize your emotional response to it.

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Chris VB the @garageferrari demonstrates how to more effectively foam roll your T-spine (AKA, that stable middle back that gets neglected so often in our mobility work).  

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One really helpful tool in maintaining pain free range of motion is"Voodoo flossing", here Chris VB goes through a quick how to on using this technique for your shoulders. 

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Lately I have been able to work on and develop my recovery protocols. They’ve become a huge part and success factor in not just my training but my overall life, providing emotional and even mental resets. This isn’t something that happened over night; believe it or not, it has take almost a full year of really sticking to these recovery protocols after every workout to see the maximum recovery results.

The great thing about these recovery tips is that they are not adding more things to your day. The trainers and programmers  at SOFLETE are simply helping you create more time in you day with better workout results and a better recovery. Wondering why this is? Think about how fast you are going from when you wake up to when you go to bed. At times it seems like you don’t even remember what you did that morning! Now that isn’t a good thing.