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Take advantage of all our world-class training teams for one low price.

With the All Access app subscription, you'll get access to all of the tactical fitness training you need, including periodized strength & conditioning workouts, daily mobility, fully-tailored nutrition & meal plans, prehab programs, and much more.

Our training programs are specifically designed by current and former special operations personnel with a proven track record of building customers into stronger, more durable, and more well-rounded tactical athletes.  Access our training app anywhere with your phone or computer, and easily track your progress.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Do it

Seriously. If you've ever thought about it, just do it. My wife and I have taken our fitness to another level with this. I had suffered multiple breaks, a gunshot wound, and tears in my shoulders. After recovery, and a couple years of lifting, I dove back into sophlete. Didn't think I would ever be in "college athlete" shape again. I was right. I'm in way better shape than ever in my mid 30s.

Main lifts were piss poor 2 years ago. Now I'm benching 325, deadlifting 545, squatting 430. Best of all, I am pain free and healthy.

Be smart! Started with Ares strength for basics. Did a few bodybuilding cycles to put on good muscle. Then did a stamina cycle to build the engine. Now I'm diving in the Mac daddy. RAIDER!!! Couldn't be more excited. Stay hard.

The Ideal Training Program

I've been flip-flopping between this and other programs. I finally made a permanent return to SOFlete for a plethora of reasons. I am making the cardio and strength gains I need for the military, I do not feel as beat up compared to other training programs, and time management, even in the Strength and Stamina teams, is perfect, especially when working longer hours and and making time to be with my family. I feel bigger, faster, and stronger than before without the overbearing aches and pains or constant fatigue, and I give credit to the smart, methodical programming that SOFlete provides. Also, the Nutrition programming from a Registered Dietician is not only great food for tactical professionals; my family enjoys all of the amazing recipes, which have become staples in our household.

Nick D.
Simply the Best

No one will ever do John Fogerty’s “Proud Mary” better than Tina Turner. And no one else will get you gainz and rock solid durability better than SOFLETE. You wanna be more bulletproof? This is your place.

Amazing Programing

This company is legit, and creates very well thought out and crafted work out regimens. They’ve changed how I view training; from my warm ups to how to properly cool down and recover. I no longer do random box WOD’s or feel lost in what to do day to day. Everything is laid out with a purpose and plan, so much so that I have found SOFLETE to be the best source of functional fitness programming out there. The price is dirt cheap for the amount of resources and options you receive. You will not regret signing up.

Great program

I took a chance on this app after a fellow firefighter recommended it. After covid hit and all of the gyms shut down I was able to use the soflete programming to keep up with my fitness. After a solid year of this program I'm in the best shape of my life at 38 years old. Just follow the process.