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Take advantage of all our world-class training teams for one low price.

With the All Access app subscription, you'll get access to all of the tactical fitness training you need, including periodized strength & conditioning workouts, daily mobility, fully-tailored nutrition & meal plans, prehab programs, and much more.

Our training programs are specifically designed by current and former special operations personnel with a proven track record of building customers into stronger, more durable, and more well-rounded tactical athletes.  Access our training app anywhere with your phone or computer, and easily track your progress.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Perfect programming!

Due to injuries (not from this program), I have started and stopped this program a few times. I have always comeback and have recently picked it up again despite not having full motion in my wrist. I just change how I do things. I do the busy warrior and love every painful minute of it. This is the only programming I have done where I see results. Long lasting results. I built muscle where I didn't even know there muscles. I also have to give these guys a lot of credit for listening to their customers and creating programs for people who do not have all the equipment and have different goals.

Austin Morris
Keep coming back!

I have tried to venture away from this amazing program twice over the last couple of years but nothing gets me in shape the way SOFLETE does. Their nutrition programming is the icing on the cake though!

Billy Vanilly

Ever been so hard that the skin of your dick is going to rip off?!?! Well that's what these workouts will make you feel like! The bodybuilding pumps will get you hard, while the endurance training will give you the stamina to last. The nutrition will make you want to stand in front of a mirror naked all day. You will be the envy of the human race. A combination of Arnold, Sly and Jason Bourne wrapped into one package of All-American Prime beef!

Matt Skaggs
Fitness That's Relevant

I joined SOFLETE in December 2018 at the behest of a few colleagues while in Afghanistan. Up until that point I had only been accustomed to army PRT and the typical military meat-head mentality of hammer curls and multiple protein shakes a day with no clear end goal aside from getting big af. But I took the chance with SOFLETE since I was encouraged to do so and I wanted to do more functional fitness before redeploying back to the States. The shear quantity of programing is almost as incredible as the quality of each of the teams and I found myself settling with Apex. I depend heavily on the feature that shows someone conducting the exercise prior to me attempting something I've never done before. I'm now out of the army and in a sedentary corporate job but the SOFLETE app is where I will continue to take my fitness ques from. Also, their swag is nice too.

They right tool for the job!

Workouts tailored like we were still in so its familiar and very doable. I finally had enough of being the Doughboy. I needed to be lean mean and green like I was when running and gunning. Look I got out and gained a crap ton of weight 265. I changed the way I ate and dropped 60 lbs. I got to the point I could maneuver. This was the next step to be where I was before. I'm 38 now Army weight was 210 fat boy weight 265 now weight 205. I'm healthier and stronger thanks to this. I just need to get better at logging things in the app rather than watch and do but if it works it works. You can't go wrong with this. Start damn it!