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    Daily Work

    Monday 18 December

    3RM DB snatch (per arm)
    Front squat - 2,2,2,2,2,2

    Build up to a 3RM DB snatch per arm. Then build up to a heavy front squat double over 6 sets

    4 Rounds
    90 Second AMRAP
    5 Sandbag thrusters 65 lbs
    5 Burpees
    Rest 5 minutes

    Saturday 16 December

    Time for that Saturday Slay Sesh

    DB rows - 4x12

    40 Minute AMRAP
    10 sandbag get-ups 95 lbs
    25m Overhead sandbag carry 95 lbs
    10 Sandbag Ground to shoulder 95 lbs 
    25m Sandbag bearhug carry 95 lbs
    200m Run

    For the sandbag get-ups and ground to shoulder alternate sides each rep

    Friday 15 December

    Deadlift - 8,8,8,8
    10Rm Bench press

    2 Mile run
    Rest 6 Minutes
    2 Mile run

    Suns Out Guns Out:
    Max effort chin-ups
    Rest 30 seconds
    Max effort dips
    Rest 3 minutes

    Thursday 14 December

    Let's do the damn thing!

    Find heaviest complex of:
    2 Strict press + 2 Push press + 2 jerks - 95 lbs
    Front foot elevated DB split squats - 4x12 (per leg)

    For the press complex start @ 95 lbs. You will add 10 lbs every set until you fail to complete 2 strict. You will continue to add 10 lbs to every set of the complex of 2 push press + 2 jerks until you fail to get 2 push press. You will keep adding 10 lbs every set until you fail to get 2 jerks.

    For the front foot elevated split squats place your front foot on a 45 lb bumper plate (4") and hold a DB in each hand for the split squats, completing 12 reps each leg.

    15 Minute ARMAP
    10 Alternating DB Hang power snatch @ 60 lbs (5 per hand)
    5-10-5 Sprint
    10 Ring pull-ups

    Wednesday 13 December

    You know what time it is! Wednesday Pool PT!

    5 minute warm-up swim(any stroke)

    Rest 3 minutes

    10 rounds
    100m swim
    30 second max effort gutter-ups 
    30 second max effort flutter kicks
    A gutter-up is basically a muscle up on the side of the pool. You will pull yourself up on the side of the pool until your arms are locked out, then drop back in and repeat.

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