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Daily Work

Monday 18 December

3RM DB snatch (per arm)
Front squat - 2,2,2,2,2,2

Build up to a 3RM DB snatch per arm. Then build up to a heavy front squat double over 6 sets

4 Rounds
90 Second AMRAP
5 Sandbag thrusters 65 lbs
5 Burpees
Rest 5 minutes


Saturday 16 December

Time for that Saturday Slay Sesh

DB rows - 4x12

40 Minute AMRAP
10 sandbag get-ups 95 lbs
25m Overhead sandbag carry 95 lbs
10 Sandbag Ground to shoulder 95 lbs 
25m Sandbag bearhug carry 95 lbs
200m Run

For the sandbag get-ups and ground to shoulder alternate sides each rep

Friday 15 December

Deadlift - 8,8,8,8
10Rm Bench press

2 Mile run
Rest 6 Minutes
2 Mile run

Suns Out Guns Out:
Max effort chin-ups
Rest 30 seconds
Max effort dips
Rest 3 minutes



Thursday 14 December

Let's do the damn thing!

Find heaviest complex of:
2 Strict press + 2 Push press + 2 jerks - 95 lbs
Front foot elevated DB split squats - 4x12 (per leg)

For the press complex start @ 95 lbs. You will add 10 lbs every set until you fail to complete 2 strict. You will continue to add 10 lbs to every set of the complex of 2 push press + 2 jerks until you fail to get 2 push press. You will keep adding 10 lbs every set until you fail to get 2 jerks.

For the front foot elevated split squats place your front foot on a 45 lb bumper plate (4") and hold a DB in each hand for the split squats, completing 12 reps each leg.

15 Minute ARMAP
10 Alternating DB Hang power snatch @ 60 lbs (5 per hand)
5-10-5 Sprint
10 Ring pull-ups