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Anthony Radetick: Proving the Game Wrong

  • 1 min read

Anthony is a true warrior. He is currently ranked 7th in the US for the sport of Aqua Cross, or racing jet skis on open water through various surface conditions. I didn't even know where to start with open water jet ski racing, so I reached out to Anthony to get an explanation. The race takes on a whole new shape knowing that he doesn't have the use of his legs and all the other racers do. It says a lot about his grit and determination that he is ranked in the top of a whole body sport, replying entirely on his upper body. Follow his #dieliving pursuits on IG @anthonyradetic153. 

-SFLTHQ Editor

"I love this sport because I'm the only disabled guy that's competing in a non disabled sport against some of the best in the world and I get no special treatment"

This is the Pro class of P1 Aqua Cross.  That is top riders in the US ....most of them hold a champions title.   The race is 3 motos in a weekend.... 30 min each plus 1 lap around the course is about 2 miles long.  

It's like a cycling Criterium and motor cross put together....rider with the most laps wins.

I recently finished 6th in the Chicago endure race. I thought it might help explain the sport a little to see the scoring. The first block is the manufacturer of the craft that the rider uses.  In my case is the Yellow "s" for Sea Doo. 


Thanks for all the support! I love seeing everyone out there pushing themselves. #dieliving