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Back Country Elk Hunting With a Bow

  • 2 min read

SOFLETEHQ is proud to sponsor Sean Senske (@bangincans) as one of our athletes. His forays into the great outdoors, in search of meat for his freezer, are pretty amazing. Last week he sent HQ this message and the first photo.

"Just got home from MT, most of you may have seen already, had a great backpack archery trip.  Had a first timer buddy camp with me, my bro was off same trailhead, we killed 2 bulls and a cow." -Sean

I thought it a fitting debut for our lifestyle snapshots of our #Dieliving athletes, and got him to fill us in on a few more details of the hunt. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did, and that it lights that fire in you to explore the Western American states in all their glory.

-SFLT Editor

We went hunting in SW Montana-General Elk Tag, bowhunting on public land. I took Ethan Cole  (@hunt.24_7)  with me on this one. Reached our trailhead on Friday, Sept 1. and hiked in to camp a few miles that night.  Season opened Sat. the 2nd.



First day was average and then the elk really got active.  On Monday we both took what we learned the last two days and put it to use.  


Spotting potential elk just under a mile away on saturday morning.  It very well could have been the same bull I eventually got but I would guess it wasn’t.  We were into quite a few elk and there were plenty around about that size so it’s hard to say. I have grown up in the outdoors and love the challanges and rewards it offers.  Bowhunting elk on public land with a general tag lacks in neither.  


I called my bull into 7 yards at a wallow as the elk moved from high to low country as the sun rose higher in the sky. Ethan (accomplished bowhunter but first time elk hunter) killed a good cow that afternoon by ambushing them on a travel route they used after they finished bedding for the afternoon.


P.S- My brother Steve Senske hunted a different spot but hiked off the same trail head, he killed a 6pt Sunday evening.  This was by far our best trip ever. Thank you for the interest.  Sean Senske



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