We about that bendy life

We about that bendy life

This post might make some people think less of Jariko and me, but we both swear by the restorative power of Yoga. Hell, I even wrote an article on the subject in Men's Health last year. Take a spin down memory lane and start thinking about yoga as a way to maximize your performance.  

If you're in DC, Oct 1st, 2017, you should check out the Freed-OM festival at the George Washington Masonic national Memorial from 11:30-6PM. It's a great fundraiser put on by two great charities (Duskin and Stephens Foundation and VETOGA) that are trying to help increase a mind-body connection amongst vets.

If you miss the event, don't forget to check out VETOGA to see how you can maximize the benefits that yoga will bring to your athletic performance and general well being. 


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