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You don’t need to suffer through a “quarter life” crisis to find happiness. You need to be honest with yourself and those around you. You have to know where you want to go before you can arrive at a destination. Then you need to work towards that destination. If you feel lost, remember that you WILL bounce back if you keep doing the next right thing. I have found a lot of peace in just trying to enjoy the ride. I hope you can too.

In my previous article “If you were running from a tiger...”, we talked about the ways we can create better power output in the human body. If you haven’t read that then go back and read it.

Now we will be talking about the steps used to increase overall human potential. The body is made up on various systems, and these four I like to call the “4 Pillars to Optimize Human Potential”. If you are someone who is serious about their longevity and approach to training, not just for life but as a tactical athlete, then being able to have a better understanding of these body systems, these four pillars, will help create a better balance and awareness of yourself and your potential.

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