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4 Pillars To Optimizing Human Potential

  • 3 min read

In my previous article “If you were running from a tiger...”, we talked about the ways we can create better power output in the human body. If you haven’t read that then go back and read it.

Now we will be talking about the steps used to increase overall human potential. The body is made up of various systems I like to call the “4 Pillars to Optimize Human Potential”.

The 4 pillars of your body are:

Cardiovascular System - This Is the organ system that pumps blood and transports all the nutrients, oxygen, CO2, and hormones to and from the body, to help regulate homeostasis.

Metabolic System - Your metabolic system is responsible for the breakdown of the macro and micronutrients the body uses to produce and restore energy. Make sure you are feeding it well.

Neuromuscular System - Your muscles do what your brain tells them to do. The neuromuscular system makes this possible by providing communication between the brain and muscles, making them all work together as one.

Endocrine System - This is the process in charge of all the glands in the body and the hormones produced by those glands. They are controlled by the stimulus of the nervous system, chemical receptors in the blood, and hormones produced by other glands.

If you are someone who is serious about their longevity and approach to training, not just for life but as a tactical athlete, then being able to have a better understanding of these body systems, these four pillars, will help create a better balance and awareness of yourself and your potential. Soflete offers a fitness training app and performance nutrition meal plans that can help.


Your Body’s Weapons Systems

When I think about the 4 pillars, I like to keep it as simple as possible. Think of these as your weapons you carry in combat. Imagine if you didn’t keep up the maintenance of the weapon. You get ready to step outside friendly lines, and you get into a firefight, and boom the gun jams on you. Think about your body the same exact way. You can’t just have three of the pillars working and one not. You create this unbalance in life, that will lead you to not being able to reach your full human potential.

Utilizing the four pillars will help increase performance, but at the same time it has a huge impact on your training inside and outside of the gym as well. The greater you have these pillars built, the more likely you are to increase your overall power output and work capacity, which means you are now able to train more and adapt to different training stimuli better. This will create better adaptations in the long run.

It takes a lot for us as humans to see the proper adaptations that we have been working for. A lot of the time we don’t realize how physically and mentally taxing it is on the body after a long day of work then training in the gym. No! That doesn’t mean we shouldn't train hard or give 100% in our life outside of the gym. That means we need to make sure that we are focused on growing the 4 pillars and building a strong foundation that will help support them across time.

We must understand that the faster we get back to our normal homeostasis, the faster our recovery will be from rebuilding tussles, which will increase overall performance, and being able to digest the food that you must eat to help with building the muscle and repairing the ones you just used. The goal is to get back into a parasympathetic state to rest and recover faster.

Increasing your four pillars will allow you to speed up and prompt a more efficient process that will help you handle more training and volume at the end of the day.

Optimizing Your Body’s Four Pillars

The levels of the 4 pillars are different for each and every one of you. We've all been through different experiences, and we are all at different training ages. We have all been in different training programs, using different fitness programming platforms. We have seen some work better than others. But at the end of the day it comes down to our approach to increasing them, being more aware of them, and really focusing on having a structured approach to improving the 4 pillars of your potential.