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Thursday 23 May

If you want a taste of the SOFLETE Life, challenge yourself to this grinder PT. If you’re looking for intelligently designed programming with access to SOFLETE coaches and the SOFLETE community, choose one of our programs. 


Dumbbell Push Press - 4 Sets x 8 Reps

Zercher Squat - 5,5,5,5


Build up to a weight that you can do for 4 sets of 8 for the DB push press.

Build up to a heavy set of 5 Zercher squats over 4 working sets.



20 minutes - Every Minute On the Minute

Min 1: 40m Farmer's Carry @ As heavy as possible

Min 2: 8 Towel Pull-Ups

Min 3: 6 Over the Shoulder Sandbag Throws 95lbs

Min 4: Rest


Go As Heavy As Possible for the farmer's carry, but use a weight that you can move for 40m without stopping.

For the towel pull-ups do 4 with your right hand on top and 4 with your left hand on top.