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Sunday Gun Day Drill 11/19

Cold from concealment
Speed in sight tracking and trigger manipulation
1x Shot Timer1x Pistol, carried concealed1x Pistol Mag loaded with 6 rounds1x IPSC target placed @ 0-yard line1x Orange Cone placed @ 5-yard line
The Bill Drill was created by Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat and is six rounds on one IPSC target, starting with the gun holstered, and hands in the surrender position facing the target. This drill is intended to improve speed while maintaining accuracy. On the beep of the shot timer the shooter draws and fires six shots as quickly as he can maintain hits on the target, striving for all “A” zone hits. An average shooter should be able to complete this drill around the 3 second mark, while a competitive shooter will be 2 seconds or less. This drill really aims to train the shooter in proper sight tracking, recoil management and trigger manipulation. Focus on your sights, following them during the recoil cycle, resetting your trigger so that once your sights come back down to center mass of the “A” zone you are firing the next round. Do not wait for precise alignment or for the sights to fully settle. If done correctly the front sight will remain in constant motion not coming to rest until the drill is complete with all six rounds being fired.You will run this drill from the concealed carry cold, no warming up or dry firing and facing the target in the surrender position at the 5-yard line. Running this drill without warming up or dry firing will give you a better idea of your cold, everyday carry ability.
START:At the 5-yard line; Pistol loaded with 6 rounds, holstered in your concealed carry setup. Facing the target, and hands in the surrender position.
FIRE:Fire 6 rounds as quickly as possible, focusing on your FRONT sight. Follow your FRONT sight throughout the recoil cycle, resetting the trigger during and firing the next round as soon as your FRONT sight comes back down into an acceptable hit area of the target, once again striving for all “A” zone hits. Sights should remain in constant motion throughout the drill never coming to rest. Upon your 6th and final round being fired, conduct follow through scan of target, once scan is complete ensure clear and re-holster
Record shooters raw time, and any rounds outside the “A” zone. SCORING:Any round outside the “A” zone is a .5 second penalty. Add penalties to raw time to get overall time.

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