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EDIT: PLEASE SELECT YOUR COLOR OPTION!!! They are handmade and literally take us a couple of years to get batches. 
Each is handcrafted by Stalwart Defense, and takes more than 4 hours to complete. This, combined with the fact that the craftsman turning out this fine work is still working abroad is why we’ll never have these mass-produced or widely available. It’s also why they’re so damn expensive. 
As a thank you for being valued subscribers to the app and followers of SOFLETE programming, we are making a limited run available for purchase. Get yours now, because this run took a year to produce.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Erik Tiner II
Gray Spade Rosebudder

This is more so for Stalwart Defense than Soflete I suppose but just have to say this is the nicest AR pistol grip I own by far. The craftsmanship, the detail, and the feel of it are unmatched. Going to be sending a few of my pistol frames to him for sure. Highly recommend everyone pick one up if they are still available.

Deputy M
Best dam grip ever.

1st off it gives amazing grip thats dosent destroy normal or gloved hands. 2nd..well you know gotta represent what you believe in. I pray i never destory this grip as i should have bought 2 for my other duty weapon. FML

Thank you sir may I have another!

Love it and had thought about buying more then one. Having come back to get more all them mofos where gone. PS the sock is too small.

Christopher Betts

This has been an excellent addition to my rifle and it really makes it stand out.

Phillip Bowman
Gang gang

Awesome grip