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Monday 30 Sept

If you want a taste of the SOFLETE Life, challenge yourself to this grinder PT. If you’re looking for intelligently designed programming with access to SOFLETE coaches and the SOFLETE community, choose one of our programs.

Strength 1

Back Squat - Build to tough 10 Rep Max for the day


2 Sets

10 Back Squats @ -15lbs of 10 Rep Max

Rest 2 minutes


Strength 2

Deadlift - Build to tough 5 Rep Max for the day


2 Sets

5 Deadlifts @ -15lbs of 5 Rep Max

Rest 2 minutes


Accessory Work

3 Sets

12-15 Seated Dumbbell Strict Press @ 2111 Tempo

Rest 30 seconds

30 second Kettlebell Front Rack Wall Sit Hold

Rest 30 seconds

30 second Weighted Plank Hold @ As heavy as possible

Rest 1 minute



4 Rounds @ Zone 2

2 minute Bike

20m Farmer's Carry @ 70/53lbs

10 Side to Side Ball Slams @ 20/10lbs


Zone 2: Moderarte effort, 75-80% of Max Heart Rate