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Monday 26 Nov

If you want a taste of the SOFLETE Life, challenge yourself to this grinder PT. If you’re looking for intelligently designed programming with access to SOFLETE coaches and the SOFLETE community, choose one of our programs.

Time to start off this week's training!



5RM Weighted dip, 2x max effort @ 85%

Back squat - 5,3,1,15


After finding a 5RM dip, drop down to 85% of that 5RM and hit 2 max effort sets.

Your first 3 working sets for the back squat should be relatively high to your 1RM then you are going to back off to a weight that you think you can hit for 15 reps and hit it. This will be between 60-70% depending on the person.



5 Rounds

2 Minute AMRAP

5 Curtis P's 115 lbs

5 Burpee pull-ups

Rest 2 minutes


1 Curtis P is 1 power clean, 1 lunge each leg, then a push press.