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All Quiet On The Western Front, But What About The Eastern One?

  • 1 min read

Foreign Policy released this piece talking about an interesting move by the German Government.

Since 1945, there has been an understandable sense of unease about the German government developing their military capabilities. This isn’t just external concern, but Germany itself has been very careful to maintain a very capable but small military force, which until their recent activity in the Global War on Terror they have not deployed.

Recently, and with very little fanfare, the German government has begun integrating European Union units into their military structure to bolster their capabilities and also help develop combined training with their neighbors.

FP does a fine job of remaining pragmatic about the various reasons for this, to include the UK’s exit from the EU and their previous dissent on an EU military force. However, with Czech Republic and Romania integrating two Brigades into the Bundeswehr, one has to wonder how much this move is motivated by a healthy fear of the hibernating bear to the East.

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