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Thursday 29 Nov

If you want a taste of the SOFLETE Life, challenge yourself to this grinder PT. If you’re looking for intelligently designed programming with access to SOFLETE coaches and the SOFLETE community, choose one of our programs.

Increasing that time under tension for today's Strength.



Push press - 3,3,3,2,2,2

Front squats -43X1 - 4x4


You will be doing the front squats at a tempo of 43X1. What this means is that it will be a 4 second eccentric (lowering), 3 second hold in the bottom, explode out of the bottom, then a 1 second hold at the top. Build up to a weight that you can do for 4 sets across at the provided tempo.



5 Minute AMRAP

5 Sandbag thrusters 65 lbs

5 Pull-ups

5 Lateral sandbag throws 65 lbs (per side)


Rest 5 minutes




You will be going through the Stamina twice.