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The SOFLETE Crew Hits Boulder, CO

  • 1 min read
The SOFLETE HQ Crew shows up to Boulder, CO. Of course, the first stop.... a gym. Huge thanks to CrossFit ETB for letting us come #ClangAndBang in your weight room. 
After a very professional warmup lead by SOFLETE George, we threw down on a solid strength session of a power clean complex.
The Stamina session was brutal, leaving Doug feeling like he had just survived his first day in prison. #WhichSetYouRollin 
Luckily some breathing drills got us back to that #SafeSpace we needed.
After some much needed grub and recovery, we hit the local trails around Boulder. #RunningBreedsCoweardice  
The nights were long, but rest assured, completely professional. 
​Tuesday morning the whole crew picked up some badass mountain bikes. Thinking we would conquer the mountain, we resolved to #DiePanting once the altitude hit. 
Once everyone could breath again we set out for some rocks. Some local guiding and talent put us onto some awesome climbing. 
In short the HQ crew had an amazing week getting outside and pushing the #DieLiving philosophy as a team. We highlighted our own strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly we grew as a team through shared experience.