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SOFLETE Christmas List

  • 2 min read

If Benson Payne had a Christmas Wishlist, this would be it. Don't forget to ask Santa for all the stuff that will make your adventures more fulfilling in the new year! 

Combat Flip Flop shoes

I was fortunate enough to be staying at Griff’s when Andy came back from Columbia with a fistful of the new Unarmed Forces shoes they are dropping. In short, they have a ton of different styles and colors that are all super rad. They even have a set of unstructured shoes you could roll up and pack into a suitcase. Personally, the Tangent is our favorite. 

Recon Rings Ring

The whole SOFLETE team is wearing a Recon Rings. If you are like us and break everything and also forget to take off jewelry, these are a finger saver. You can lift/shoot/whatever in them and they won’t de-glove your finger in an accident. They also won’t retain/lose heat if it’s cold or hot outside. Get your wife the couples collection and it’ll be like matching pajamas without castrating yourself. 


You know what it is….

Leupold binoculars

I’m a big fan of their Pro Guide BX4 10x42. They are crystal clear and compact enough that you forget you are lugging them around. After putting in long miles in the mountains of Montana, weight was at a premium and these were my go-to this year. They come with a bino harness/strap but what you really want is the Go Afield Binocular Harness.


Snake Farm Boomstick

We can't lie, we all grew up doing hood rat stuff with our friends, and skating was a big part of that. Snake Farm isn't just run by good friends, their boards are made in America with dope logos. Made from Maple for just the right mix of pop and flex.  


NORDIC 9mm Pistol Cal Carbine

Nordic makes AMAZING guns that happen to be very affordable. To date, I haven’t seen one of their rifles that wasn’t shooting MOA accuracy with factory loads. Their Pistol Caliber Carbines are super innovative, with an interchangeable mag well, and a proven track record of reliability. I would argue this is the perfect gun to have next to the bed. My personal taste would be slapping on a Leupold LCO and loading it up with Freedom Munitions 124gr. XTP


Timney Trigger’s AR Calvin Elite

Doug’s personal favorite trigger, the Calvin Elite breaks crisp and takes all of your excuses away for those minute-of-pie-plate groups you shoot. This thing is criminally good. 


R Riveter

R Riveteris a company making women’s accessories in the US- and they are employing military spouses to do it. Check out their high quality purses if you're once again lost as to how to express your devotion to the HH6.


Tango Charlie hoodie

Tango Charlie Apparel is doing a hoodieto support the Silent Warrior Foundation. Dope print, quality hoodie, and it supports a good cause. Consider it a winter essential. 


Thirty Seconds Out 

Thirty Seconds Out does some badass ORIGINAL artwork and streetwear. One of our favorite prints available right now is the Tunnel Rat .