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On This Auspicious Day, TYFYS.

  • 2 min read

Let me start by wishing all our Vets a happy Veterans Day from SOFLETE HQ. 

And now let me roll up my sleeves, because I'm not wasting this Veterans Day by stroking my brothers and sisters virtual egos. This Veterans Day we want to remind the veteran community that our service doesn't end when we take off our uniforms. 

The military offers us all a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills and experience a profession that is fulfilling and at time requires a high degree of commitment. I know that when people say "Thank you for your service", that is what they are talking about... the long hours, the deployments, the sacrifices. We need to be careful not to allow those sacrifices to define who we are, and ignore that a life well lived is full of sacrifice.

The attributes of service that we cultivated in the military should drive us to continue to serve out of uniform. Treat dinner with your wife like a Key Leader Engagement. Take care of your equipment by staying in shape, to better serve others. Treat your presentations at work with the same care that you prepared that CONOP for the CENTCOM commander when you wanted to get mission approval. Take time to mentor kids (yours and others) like you would a partner force whose performance your life depended on. Let us all carry our rucksacks with us and keep earning a real "Thank You" every day.

A lot of people say they "signed a check payable to the people of the United States of America for an amount up to and including their life". If you're reading this post, that check is still out there.