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From Unathletic Roots To OCR Domination: The Story Of Special Forces Officer Evan Perperis

  • 2 min read

New Book: Ultra-OCR Man: From Special Forces Soldier to Record Setting Professional Obstacle Course Racer

SOFLETE contributing author, Special Forces veteran and professional Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) athlete Evan Perperis just released his autobiography.  His book, “Ultra-OCR Man: From Special Forces Soldier to Record Setting Professional Obstacle Course Racer” is now available and has 100% of the profit of each hard copy sale going directly to the charityFolds of Honor.  Folds of Honor is a charity that provides scholarship money to children whose parents were killed or wounded in US military service.  

The book briefly covers his un-athletic childhood including experiences as Boy Scout that led him to want to serve his country.  The book then goes into two robust chapters on his military service including war stories from his 44 months of time spent in combat zones (mostly Iraq).  He covers some historical events he was present for including recovering King Faisal’s 1930’s Rolls Royce Phantom in 2008, his presence in the city of Samarra when the Golden Mosque was destroyed on February 22, 2006 and more.  Add in some war stories like finding mass graves, roadside bombs almost setting his vehicle on fire and a dozen other close calls and you have a recipe for a great read. If you are a fan of SOFLETE, you’ll enjoy the content of this book.

Previously Evan has written for SOFLETE with a series of articles about quitting including:

Is Quitting Genetic or Can You Control Your Destiny?

The Loudest Are Often the Biggest Quitters

Why are Members of SOF Good at Not Quitting?

The Quitter’s Translation Guide

He puts his money where his mouth is in the second half of the book as he attempts to set records in the extreme sport of Ultra-OCR running along trails completing man-made obstacles.  Included are stories of him competing at the world championship and international stages as well as self-created events that also raised thousands of dollars for Folds of Honor. Follow along as he attempts to run a marathon length OCR every day for seven days in a row at seven different venues, his attempt to finish on the podium of every 24 hour OCR in the USA in a calendar year, his 24 hour treadmill runs and his attempt at setting the record for the longest (time-wise) OCR at 48 hours of Endure The Gauntlet.  

If you like military non-fiction books, extreme sports, want to up your mental game or just want a really good story, pick up a copy of Ultra-OCR Man.  It is written in a way that anyone can understand the concepts and the story, whether you are member of the military, a fan of OCR or no nothing about both topics.  The narrative non-fiction book will entertain, motivate and leave you with a feeling that it is time to push your own personal boundaries.

Pick up a copy of Ultra-OCR Man today!  100% of the profits from the sales of the hard copy books will go directly to the charity Folds of Honor.  

Hard copy available here

Digital copy available exclusively through Amazon Kindle here