Die Living: Surf Morocco

Die Living: Surf Morocco


Why: Morocco is a relatively well known destination, as far as surfing in Africa goes. Tons of magazines are published with info on the country, and they all usually focus on Northern Morocco. Luckily, the central and southern coasts have amazing surf with way less people. You get to experience a little taste of Africa with the ease and safety of being in a tourist destination.


Visiting Morocco is a good bit cheaper than a Hawaii trip and the locals are way more chill. You won’t have to get into any fights in the water and the locals can show you some EPIC spots. Add to the amazing waves and Morocco is known as a foodie destination, with perfect bowls of rice and tagine after you crush a few hours in the water.


Where: Taghazout, Morocco, is located in North Western Africa. It’s along the Western coastline, the locals speak primarily in Arabic with a little French mixed in, and the country uses Dirham as the currency. US Currency is not widely accepted, so convert some cash before you go.


Taghazout is a surf town, which makes it easy as a home base to live out of and shred the country. 


Getting there: The easiest way into Morocco is to fly into the airport in Marrakesh. Tickets can be had round trip for about a thousand USD and flights go there daily. Book your rental car through Medloc-Marco https://www.medloc-maroc.com/4x4.html and make sure you get a 4x4 SUV; VW Toureg size or smaller is preferred but you will want room in the vehicle in order to fit your surfboards INSIDE and locked up.


Once in Marrakech you have two options for housing: grab an AirBnB or rent a hotel room. It’s your call, but AirBnB often offers the flexibility travelers prefer. You’ll have to find restaurants when you get there but everyone uses Yelp and Google. A reliable place for breakfast is 16 Café. Other restaurants may open and close on short notice, so it’s best to check Yelp or Facebook reviews for up-to-date info.


After you fuel up, hit the highway for your trip. You’ll want to take N8 west to N1 south. This will be the scenic route into Taghazout and allows you to best see the beautiful landscape and coastline. There are a few hidden gems along the route into Taghazout if you take your time to catch the waves.  


Where to stay: Book your room with Surf Maroc if you want to be a baller (about 135 USD/night), or you can car camp or stay in a hostel. It’s your call, but Taghazout is a great place to meet locals as well as European tourists. Surf Maroc operates a great restaurant and the staff is super friendly. I ate at this restaurant weekly for about two months and never got sick. You can sign up for the guided surf trips by ability group and the guides will show you some EPIC waves, I’m talking 200 yard long lefts or rights. Some of our most epic days surfing were in Morocco.

When to go: Sept-November (hurricane season)


Quick Tips: 


  • Petty crime is prevalent but not violent crime. Lock your stuff in the car with the windows up and you should be cool. 


  • Boards are cheap (350-450 USD with leash and fins), fly in without one, buy a fresh stick and either sell it when you leave or bring it back as a souvenir. 


  • Trust your local guides and be really cool to them. They can show you stuff you've never seen (like a 200 yard right hand barrel in the middle of a barren desert)


  • Talk to other tourists from other surf camps and hotels, they might have hit some crazy spots that you haven't. 


  • Bring a water purifier and purify your own water when you can or drink bottled. 


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