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Get the best tactical fitness training plans you can buy. Our daily workouts are specifically designed by current and former special operations personnel with a proven track record of building customers into stronger, more durable, and more well-rounded tactical athletes. Access our training app anywhere with your phone or computer and easily track your progress. Use our programming to prep for rigorous selection events or improve general tactical fitness and readiness - you can’t go wrong either way. Get personal training from our coaches, compete against other athletes, and take advantage of our personalized nutrition and meal plans. New members can get started with 10 days of free workouts today.

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Workout Plans

Train & Track

Crafted by special operations professionals — each team includes regimented training schedules, video and instruction for each exercise, and the ability to track your progress.

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Nutrition Plans

Make Food

Get the nutrition your body needs with our fully tailored, registered dietitian run Nutrition Team. You’ll make great tasting, easy-to-make meals that maximize your potential.

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Expert Answers

Get Answers

Use the Feed to get all of your questions answered by our expert coaches, and learn how you’ve been performing compared to other members with our Leaderboard.

Every Team + A Tailored Nutrition Program

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You’ll get all of the tactical fitness training you need with your subscription, including periodized strength & conditioning workouts, daily mobility, fully-tailored nutrition & meal plans, prehab programs, and much more. Plus, new members can try out all of our programming FREE for ten days.

SOFLETE Training Teams

The first step for new members is finding the right training. All SOFLETE Programming is divided into teams. Each team has a specific focus, set of goals, and difficulty level. If the choice feels overwhelming, just answer a few simple questions in-app, and our TeamFinder will help find the right team for you and your goals.

Strength Team


Boosting power is the priority. You'll focus on building strength while still getting enough conditioning work to improve or maintain your stamina. Plus, you’ll get movement prep, mobility work, cool down & breathing work.

Stamina Team


Boosting endurance is the priority. You'll focus on building stamina while still getting enough strength work to improve or maintain your power. Plus, you’ll get movement prep, mobility work, cool down & breathing work.

Bodybuilding Team


Look amazing without sacrificing performance as a tactical athlete. You'll focus on gaining mass, increasing definition, and building unilateral strength so you can smash your aesthetic and performance goals.

Minimalist Team


Even with extremely limited access to equipment, you can still get your gains with this innovative, minimum equipment team.

Garage Fitness Team


Built for those who are experienced with strength and conditioning but have limited access to equipment, and are short on time.

Quick Team


Too busy for a full workout? Get the same high quality training as our Strength & Stamina Teams, with workouts that are less than 60 minutes long.

Selection Team


Build the specialized base of fitness you need to successfully complete the Special Forces Assessment and Selection, MARSOC A&S, BUD/S, Indiana Smoke Diver, Marathons and more.

Garage Health Team


Created for those who have limited access to equipment, are short on time, and relatively new to training and SOFLETE.

Apex Team


An integration of strength and endurance, this team builds the foundation you need to embark on successful adventures and excel at events.

Competition Team


Whether you compete in long endurance events, fitness competitions, rucking events, or the sport of Weightlifting - this team is your road map to success.

Supplemental Team


A collection of stand-alone programs designed to add on to your primary training, and help you reach specific goals.

Mobility Team


Increase recovery, range of motion and overall movement to optimize your recovery and injury prevention.

Personalized Nutrition


Prepare great tasting, easy-to-make recipes, so you can fuel up with the nutrients your body needs to maximize your workout and recovery potential.