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    Q: What is SOFLETE? 

    A: SOFLETE is a group of current and former SOF personnel who are also accomplished athletic coaches, combined with non-SOF experts in the fitness industry. SOFLETE was born out of necessity. As members of the community we were always posed two questions: How do we build the athletic capabilities of our bodies, as well as prevent and fix injury? The philosophy is that it’s hard to be hard and it’s hard to be smart. Push hard in big lifts and sprints and when your body tells you it’s hurt, take the time to heal. After years of pushing through minor injuries and prolonging our rehab we realized there HAD to be a better way. We've also learned there is more to fitness than "go run till you can't run." In a small team there is no such thing as "relative strength." You're either a strong performer, or somebody else is pulling your slack. 

    Q: What will I get with my programming subscription?

    A: We currently offer 2 programming choices: Strength and Stamina. Both are offered on a subscription basis and are continuous improvement programs, not limited cycles.  Subscribers have the ability to access daily programming through computers and mobile devices. Tracking workouts is easy and gives each athlete the ability to compete with other athletes via the leaderboard,  as well as the tools to analyze gains and intelligently track progress. 

    Q: What if I don't know what a movement or rep scheme is?

    A: Our first guidance is that if you are unsure of a movement you should be taking at least a basic class on fitness and movements. If you have questions about movements you can ask us by messaging the FaceBook (page name SOFLETE).There are exactly zero websites offering what we do, and we intend to be the best at that- programming for operators

    Q: Why should I use SOFLETE programming? 

    A: SOFLETE methodologies are based on a proven system of building strength and stamina. To put it simply, our programs are designed to strengthen your body in order to be able to better handle the rigors and impact of either a SOF Selection or operations as a SOF operator. We want to be very clear: The fitness needs and performance points to pass a selection even are not the same as what is needed in a special operations team. 

    “The truest measure of competition is not in the stadium. The truest measure of competition is on the battlefield. The fiercest competitors face of with their lives on the line, and the winners simply are able to survive the encounter. The fact of the matter is that in war your every moment of hesitation, move, strength, and weaknesses will weigh on your survival. The terrifying and unsaid truth, is that even if you do everything right, you can still die.  In virtually no other sport is this true.”

    Q: What equipment do I need for the SOFLETE Teams?

    A: Barbell, Bumper Plates, Squat Rack, Pull-Up Bar, Bench, Kettlebells of varying sizes, Dumbbells of varying sizes, Sandbag, Sled, Weight Vest, and a Rowing Machine. It is possible to substitute some movements due to lack of equipment, but this list will be your ideal setup.  

    Q: What if I don't have all of the equipment listed? Can I substitute movements? 

    A: Some of the movements we program have no true substitution. They are odd object movements that have inherent instability that activate muscles that a barbell can't fully replicate. Most of the subsitution questions we receive are sandbag related. We suggest either buying a sandbag or making one on the cheap out of a sandbag and 100 mph tape, because honestly there's nothing like moving a sandbag. However, we realize that certain gyms don't allow certain movements, space is limited, or equipment is t available


    • Sandbag ground to shoulder -> atlas stone ground to shoulder ->double KB clean -> power clean
    • Lateral sandbag throws -> lateral KB throw -> lateral sledgehammer strike -> KB chop -> lateral cable chop -> lateral med ball toss (triple the distance)
    • Over the shoulder sandbag throw -> over the shoulder atlas stone throw ->over the shoulder KB throw -> over the shoulder med ball toss (triple the distance) -> power clean
    • Back rack barbell carry -> march in place with barbell(1 step equals 3/4 of a meter)
    • There is a way to train for rucking without rucking and that's trunk work and cycling.
    • Swimming -> You can sub in running, rowing, or cycling (including stationary bike). Multiply the swim distance 4.25x for rowing, 4x for running, 12x for cycling.


    Q: I have no intentions of going to combat, will SOFLETE still benefit me? 

    A: Do you want to be prepared for anything that life may throw at you? If the answer is yes, then SOFLETE will benefit you. If the answer is no you're on the wrong website and need to get back to your vegan meal. 

    Q: What diet should I eat while on SOFLETE? 

    A: Lots of water, meat, veggies, complex carbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, and beer, but only if you're in a safe place to do so. 

    Q: I want to set a world record marathon time, will SOFLETE be the programming to get me there? 

    A: No, but when your buddy passes out after his marathon you'll be able to carry him to the car. 

    Q: I'm new to fitness, should I start off with a SOFLETE program? 

    A: No.

    Q: I see you have circuits, is SOFLETE just like CrossFit? 

    A: No.

    Q: I do airsoft/milsim/paintball so I'm pretty much an operator, can I get SOFLETE programs for free? 

    A: No. 

    Q: What is your return policy?

    A: Exchanges are accepted within 30 days of purchase, for unworn and unwashed items. We can't always guarantee that we will be able to replace an item with a different size or a different shirt style, due to the fact that we may not always stock all styles in all sizes. We will do our best to replace an exchanged item with whichever equivalent item is available. Sale items are final. 

    Q: How can I contact you guys?