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Teddy Bear Night Night

Almost everyone has issues with getting enough quality sleep, whether they're on a gun slinging deployment or riding a desk on a daily basis. Sleep is without a doubt the most important aspect of your post workout recovery, and top scienticians believe it is necessary for muscle building. Because of this, we at SOFlete wanted an All Natural Recovery supplement that helped get us to sleep and stay asleep while helping our muscular recovery. We worked with some of our 10-pound-brain friends and formulated TBNN to get you to sleep and help you stay in a deeper sleep all night long, all while assisting in your post workout recovery. Real men sleep with their Teddy Bear...Night Night.

  • Great Cinnabun Flavor
  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Sleep Longer
  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Improved Mood
  • Assists in Performance Recovery


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Customer Reviews

Based on 570 reviews
Miguel Romero


Sleep and recovery

Sleep has improved and recovery is way better. Still sore the next day after hard workout but the second day doms is almost nothing now. Highly recommend for recovery.

Sandra Winstead
For a good night’s sleep

I was quite skeptic about this “powdered mix with anything” drink. (I just use hot water). One drink and I am asleep in no time and stay asleep all night. Nice.

Justin H
Chef this...

Take a 12oz can of an ice cold porter (the darker the coffee/espresso) Splash into glassware of choice. Add 1 scoop TBNN. Slowly, SLOWLY, pour the remainder of the porter into the glass, while stirring like an athlete. Allow the fully mixed beverage to settle, a minute or two. Night Night.

Aaron Pulido
My new night time ritual

I usually try to go to bed fasting but I’m making the exception. I’ve added an hr to my average 7 day sleep cycle and feel alot more recovered in the morning. The flavor has me actually looking forward to going to bed. Highly recommend it with warm milk if you can. All in, all….. it’s going to a staple supplement for me now.