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Why Eating Healthy is So Damn Hard

  • 1 min read


Other than spelling Dietitian wrong, Funny or Die nailed it on the head. Nutritional science is a constantly changing field, making it important to know you are getting accurate information from reliable sources. Not all scientific studies are created equal. The funding sources and research methods play a big role in if a study is legitimate or not. The war on fats, which included the misinformation to avoid eggs, is prime example that you shouldn’t always jump on the fad diet train.

The truth is we’re still trying to figure out how the human body and lifestyle disease progression works. Instead of picking the newest fad that one poorly designed study decided is the answer to all nutritional problems, think about the basics that have held true for years. Eat mostly whole foods and less processed foods. Only eat calories for what your body needs and your lifestyle demands. Chances are if you wait long enough, you’ll realize the idea of eating a “patheolithic diet” is bullshit and learn we need to make fat consumption great again.