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Understanding the Limitations of the Flat Range with Aaron Barruga

Take a few minutes to listen to Aaron pitch some wisdom about the limitations of closed feedback loops in our training regimen, and then shoot the SOFLETE Shooting drill for the day. We suggest you warm up with Guerrilla Approach's Consistency Target as well. 
Focus: Using only your strong/dominant hand to draw and operate the pistol.
Drill: Standing, facing, 15-yards from and centered on the target, Pistol loaded, holstered and on SAFE. On the BEEP of the shot timer;
  • Focus eyes on desired point of impact on the target
  • Draw and build a tight grip with the strong hand only
  • With the support hand make a tight fist and press it into your chest
  • Extend the pistol towards the target while prepping the trigger
  • Bring pistol sights to eyes
  • Firing 3-rounds into the target body "-0 Zone"
  • End of Drill
  • Record your score
  • Using IDPA Limited Count scoring:
  • Any round that misses the "-0 Zone" equals a point down or a penalty.
  • A round that impacts in the "-1 Zone" equals a 1-second addition.
  • A round that impacts in the "-3 Zone" equals a 3-second addition
  • A complete miss of the target equals a 5-second addition to your raw time.
  • Record your time penalty for historical reference.
Mental Prep: Prior to running through the drill visualize yourself doing the drill perfectly in its entirety at the correct speed, focusing primarily on;
  • Tight solid grip with strong hand only
  • Proper presentation of pistol to eyes with the strong hand and arm only
  • Clear focus on the front sight while the shot breaks
  • Target(s): 1x IDPA Target; 5' tall at shoulders
  • Shooting distance(s): 15-yards
  • Shot Timer Setting: No PAR time set, with a start delay set to your preference
  • Elevated Heart Rate: N/A
  • Prop(s): N/A


Long Range 101: Zeroing and Boresighting a Rifle

Zeroing is the process by which we establish a baseline point of impact for the weapon system from which we will make adjustments. It is rather straightforward but can be quite frustrating to those who are new or have a poor understanding of the theory behind it.

What we are trying to do is create a single, repeatable scope setting (windage and elevation clicks) that produces as close an impact to the center of the crosshairs as possible at a known distance. This is then followed by setting your scope’s turret markings to “0.0” (zero) for both windage and elevation, hence where the term comes from.

Let’s go over the process, and then discuss a few ideas about it.

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Sunday Gun Day



Introducing the SOFLETE Shooting Program

Introducing the SOFLETE Shooting Program.

The First Ever Continuous Firearms Training Program

The SOFLETE Shooting Team is the result of a collaboration between individuals who have spent decades living by the gun and competing with guns. It is a living program, constantly evolving to reflect the best current operational and competitive tactics, techniques, and procedures.

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