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KNOWLEDGE IS POWER — Chronicles of Failure


I'm sitting in an undisclosed location in the desert. I have a lot of time to think. We get a lot of emails asking what program is best for an individual. Those questions made me realize that a lot of people don't actually know why they are going through the motions of working out. Jamming out to some Steve Earle and on my third cup of Turkish coffee, you guys are about to get another window into my furiously spinning ADD brain. Today I'm going to explain the most important thing you can possibly identify in your training:  The reasons behind your striving. 


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Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail: Life Advice From A Guy Who Knows

A discussion in the SOFLETE Team Room got me thinking about all the stupid things I’ve done that could have shortened my stay on this earth. Sometimes those things were necessary or at least unavoidable. The extremities of combat or the exigencies of professions like emergency services place practitioners in situations that demand an acceptance of risk. But a lot of times my narrow escapes were the results of being under-planned, under-trained, or under-aware.

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Failing Forward, And Other Positive Consequences Of Not Quite Winning

“There are two kinds of Marines in Recon,” a friend said, “Swim Team members and Barfighters. You my friend, are a Barfighter.” I looked back quizzically. He continued.

“Swim Team guys are tan, they’ve got cool tattoos, they’re in awesome shape, and they blow through hard training without sweating. They look like recruiting posters and they’re all about the badges and medals.”

“And Bar Fighters?” I asked, bemused.

“Bar Fighters maybe don’t look the best with their shirts off. They may not out run or out swim anyone. But you know in a bar fight you don’t have to look behind you to see if he’s backing you up. You know when a guy is about to break a chair over your head, a Bar Fighter will take that guy down.”

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